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" Before NLP I was obsessed with sugar in all forms and never had an off-switch. The sweet and biscuit aisles in the supermarket could not be passed. Since NLP I can walk down both aisles without temptation as my desire has been 'switched' off. NLP is the secret to continued weight loss when eating well and exercising too. " - Debbie Dellow

NLP strategies will make the difference to any slimming programme and change negative behaviours so you can be the person you want to be. We all know technically how to lose weight, NLP strategies will help you with the mental challenge of losing weight by enhancing your willpower. Free from your limiting beliefs, you will have the confidence to make the right choices for you. These two days will start you on your journey to be the person you want to see in the mirror.

With Free To Be Light, you will go on a journey to understand your relationship with food and wellbeing.

You will:

  • use timeline to break down any negative relationship with food.
  • generate new eating behaviours
  • map the submodalities of eating foods you like to those you dislike.
  • collapse your anchors to foods that you crave
  • change your thoughts that triggers unhelpful eating behaviours
  • design a long-term lifestyle plan

Discover your inner power to lose weight and keep it off. You will leave one step nearer having the inner and outer you in congruence.

10 tips to change your eating mindset

Start launching the new you by booking a place on our course now.

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