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Bespoke Corporate Training to
Stengthen Your Employees

Free to Be Directors, Caroline and Anna

We spend a significant percentage of our life at work and therefore our workplace has a significant impact on our wellbeing. Research has shown that positive thinking improves productivity, that we are less likely to be absent from work when we are happy in our job and that salary is no longer the key driver for retention, company values are. Employees are a company’s greatest asset and therefore investing in their wellbeing is investing in the company. Everybody wins - employers, employees and wider society.

Free to Be provides bespoke NLP training that supports employee wellbeing, be that managing stress, building confidence or improving communication in the workplace. Changing the way your staff think the way they communicate, the way they perceive pressure and the way they perceive themselves could change the culture of your company. Just the subtle change of seeing solutions rather than problems would create opportunities.

Why reduce anxiety?

Half a million workers suffered from stress last year resulting in 11.7 million working days lost. Chronic stress can lead to serious health issues, in fact a Harvard study claimed that ‘a stressful job is just as unhealthy as smoking’. Additionally, stress at work affects us all, not just the person experiencing the stress.

Stress is defined as an emotional response to pressure. Interestingly, we do not have a word for ‘not-stressed’, because it means different things to different people.

Could your team benefit from simple tricks to develop a positive working environment and learn to manage the causes and eliminate the symptoms of stress? Can you imagine the benefits of reframing what stress is and harnessing the energy it brings? Of your team having strategies to ensure a sense of well-being every day?

7 Steps to a Stress-Free Day is a one day workshop that we will design bespoke to address your context-specific issues. Learn NLP techniques to change the way you approach stressful situations, techniques to manage the situations that create stress and techniques to manage the emotion in the moment. With a different perspective, you can develop a positive mindset and an aura of calm.

Why build confidence?

Much has been written about the gender gap in leadership roles this year and companies are being called upon to reverse this trend. There are many contributory factors to this gap, and we are interested in the findings of a recent study of primary school children. It showed that children are socialised by the time they are 7 with beliefs about the job roles suitable for men and for women. Importantly, girls were three times as likely to underestimate their ability whereas boys were three times more likely to overestimate their ability.

Could your team benefit from losing any limiting beliefs that have formed? The opportunity to build new beliefs, thoughts and behaviours, to rewire the brain with positive pathways? Imagine a work place where all staff have the confidence to fulfil their career and economic potential and capitalise on the opportunities offered.

7 Steps to Confidence is a one-day workshop that will change the way you see yourself and provide techniques to ensure you can be the best version of you in your place of work. Learn the NLP strategies successful people use to reach their goals and channel their inner excellence so you can achieve the life you want.

Why communicate clearly?

How we start a conversation or how we react to another person’s comments can either build rapport and get the outcome we wish or it can destroy a relationship or lose faith. When managing staff or working with clients, our ability to influence the outcome of any interaction is key to success.

Could any of your teams benefit from learning how to deal with negative staff or clients? Can you imagine the benefits if they could turn around negative beginnings to positive outcomes?

7 Steps to Clear Communication
Learn to use clean language to de-escalate a situation. Learn what words to leave out to avoid conflict. Learn to construct conversations to gain agreement or to use hypnotic language to influence thinking. With carefully chosen words and sentences, you can influence difficult conversations.

Statistics about workplace stress

Over three years ago, the Department of Health introduced The Workplace Wellbeing Charter. Find out how it can make your company an employer of choice by clicking on the logo to visit the Workplace Wellbeing Charter website.

We can help you reach some of the standards.

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