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Boost your confidence
Increase your motivation
Feel empowered
Release your passion
Change your behaviour patterns
Achieve positive lifestyle choices
Control your emotions

In the race to be happy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) gives us insight into how our brain functions and helps us develop self-understanding that we can use to create the life we want. Through the study of NLP techniques we can improve how we think, behave or feel and ultimately change our behaviours to those that are more helpful to us. We will share with you techniques that we believe boost confidence, increase motivation and help us change our habits, thus making us feel empowered. We’ll help you tap into joy and release your passion. Just imagine how that could change your life now.

Join us on one of our wellbeing courses to experience the benefit a positive mindset can give you. Choose Free To Be Strong to focus on building inner strength and achieving personal goals or Free To Be Light to focus on your relationship with food and weight loss. Either route will be an investment in your personal growth and teach you NLP tools that help people make changes to their life.

You can invest further in your personal or professional development with our flagship Free To Be YOU Practitioner Training which will allow you to experience and learn an even wider range of NLP techniques and strategies that we believe will help you improve your life.

If you would like to find out more before you commit to an investment in the future you, come along to our Free Motivational Workshop where you will gain a greater understanding of what NLP is and first hand experience of how the study of NLP can change you you perceive yourself and others and change how you feel, behave and communicate.

Start your journey to being the person you want to be today.

Training with us, you will focus on specific outcomes for you on either of the two day courses and, with our final programme, you will be a fully qualified NLP Practitioner recognised by the AIP.

Just imagine how that could change your life now.